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Doctor Foster viewers left on the edge of their seats

Doctor Foster viewers took to Twitter to express their thoughts on Tuesday night's episode

Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
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WARNING! Contains spoilers for Tuesday's episode of Doctor Foster

Doctor Foster fans were on the edge of their seats after Tuesday night's episode, which saw Gemma Foster's cheating ex-husband Simon was left with nothing after his new wife Kate turned against him, taking their daughter Amelie away with her, and all thanks to Gemma scheming against him.

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Gemma finally got her revenge in Doctor Foster

Viewers on Twitter were quick to respond with delight to Simon's downfall, with one writing: "Simon's whole life has crumbled right in front of his eyes and it's so beautiful," while another added: "Me laughing hysterically at Simon's world falling apart #DoctorFoster." Fans were also quick to praise Gemma's neighbours, who helped her with her plot, with one joking: "I yearn for a relationship where my neighbours would scheme to avenge my [expletive] ex-boyfriend but can't even lend me an egg #doctorfoster." Another added: "This is what you call a loyal friend!! We all need somebody like this neighbour."

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doctor foster series 2 1© Photo: BBC

Fans were quick to praise the episode

The episode also finally revealed what Gemma gave to Kate as a wedding gift, which turned out to be a copy of Simon's speech at their wedding. However, the episode was left on a cliffhanger which saw Gemma speeding towards Simon, leaving viewers unsure whether she planned to hit him or not. Fans are also keen to know what Simon told their son, Tom, about Gemma to make him move out and live with his dad. Speaking about next week's finale, one fan wrote: "Am I the only one being eaten up by the fact that we still don’t know what Simon told Tom about Gemma?" while another wrote: "Dear @BBCOne, if you wanted to show next week’s finale of #DoctorFoster now, I'd be totally fine with that."

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