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Why Melania Trump is forbidden to donate blood after Las Vegas massacre

Melania Trump and President Trump visited victims of the horrific attack on Wednesday

melania trump las vegas
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Following the horrific attack in Las Vegas that left 59 people dead and over 500 injured, President Trump and First Lady Melania flew to Las Vegas to visit victims of the shooting and offer their support. According to CNN reporter Kate Bennett, Melania was considering donating blood while she was there, but was unable to. She tweeted: "Source tells me @FLOTUS was considering donating blood while in Vegas, but presidential medical guidelines prevented her from doing so."

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melania trump las vegas© Photo: Getty Images

Melania and Donald visited Las Vegas following the attack

One of Kate's followers was also quick to point out that since the Slovenia-born First Lady resided in Europe in the 1980s, she is also banned from giving blood by FDA guidelines. Its website confirms that blood donors who lived in Europe for five years or more between 1980 and the present would be deferred due to BSE (commonly known as Mad Cow Disease). The site reads: "Most European countries now have reported BSE, although in fewer cattle than in the U.K. However, methods to prevent BSE from getting into human food are not completely in place in all European countries, so we recommend deferral up to the present time."

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Melania was unable to donate blood

After meeting first responders to the horrific attack on Wednesday, the US President said: "What I saw today is just an incredible tribute to professionalism, and what they have done is incredible. And you never want to see it again, that I can tell you… In the months ahead, we will all have to wrestle with the horror of what has unfolded this week, but we will struggle through it together, we will endure the pain together, and we will overcome together as Americans."

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