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Holly Willoughby shares rare photo of her glamorous grandma – and she looks just like her!

Holly Willoughby's grandma is incredibly stylish!

holly willoughby throwback photo
Hanna Fillingham
Hanna FillinghamUS Managing Editor
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It's easy to see where Holly Willoughby has inherited her style from. The This Morning host took to her Instagram account on Monday to introduce her fans to the 'chief' of her family - her beloved nan. With her blonde hair and fashionable attire, Holly's nan looked incredibly like her famous granddaughter. The pair even managed to co-ordinate their outfits, both wearing roll neck jumpers and monotone shades as they posed for the photo. Holly captioned the shot: "And the chief girl of the family.. my nan!" Fans were quick to comment on the likeness between the pair after the photo was uploaded online. One wrote: "You're so like her," while another said: "What a great picture!" A third simply added: "Beautiful."

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holly willoughby rare photo nan

Holly Willoughby and her nan enjoyed a Christmas lunch on Monday

Holly – who is married to TV producer Dan Baldwin – is incredibly close to her family. The mother-of-three was enjoying a Christmas lunch on Monday with her grandma and her mum, Lynne, who also featured in another selfie on the Celebrity Juice host's social media account. Holly and Lynne have a very close relationship, and the This Morning star has previously revealed she still likes to talk to her mum "a few times a day". Speaking to the Mirror last year, Holly said: "I still run everything past her. If I'm about to buy a pair of shoes, I'll go, 'Mum, do you think I should be doing this?' It's silly. I'm a fully grown woman, of course I can buy shoes. But I still like to talk to her about everything."

The TV presenter often talks about her idyllic childhood and grew up in Sussex with parents Lynne and Terry, along with older sister Kelly. Her parents have previously made TV appearances during their daughter's lengthy career. Lynne joined Holly on Mrs Browns Boys earlier in the year alongside Phillip Schofield and his mum Pat. Lynne made viewers laugh after sharing a memory from Holly's childhood, revealing that she used to make "freaky" arts and crafts.

holly willoughby mum

Holly's mum Lynne also joined the festivities 

She said: “She used to make brilliant bird boxes. It was a bit freaky when she made this eight foot cross, she stapled all these rhododendrons to it.' She tapped on the window to show us. We thought, 'This is a bit weird.' So we had to drag it up the road to the church.'” Embarrassed, Holly covered her face, while Pat told her son: “And you thought you were weird!”

Holly's dad meanwhile, made an appearance on Holly's show Surprise Surprise in 2015. He walked onto set as his daughter was presenting the final segment of the Father's Day special show. "This is supposed to be surprises for other people, not for me!" Holly exclaimed, adding: "What are you doing here? That's mad. I just messaged you on the camera and everything and you're here."

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