Harry Kane could miss the birth of his second child because of this reason

Harry Kane and Kate Goodland share one daughter, Ivy

Harry Kane's heavily pregnant fiancée Kate Goodland is thought to go into labour with the couple's second child very soon, but it is thought that the England captain could well miss the birth should England stay in the World Cup after Saturday's match against Sweden. Although it has been thought that Harry would fly back to be there for the birth, Swedish captain Andreas Granqvist could have set a precedent by missing the birth of his baby girl after his wife, Sofie, urged him to stay in Russia on focus on the game.

Harry could miss the birth of his second child

Andreas previously said: "I'm planning to stay. My wife is a very strong person and we knew the situation before I came here. Nothing has happened so far. If I have the position to fly home quickly then I may do that. But, whatever happens, I do not miss the quarter-final." However, England manager Gareth Southgate has offered his full support for England players who are welcoming children during the tournament to leave to be at there for the birth. Speaking about allowing Fabian Delph to remain in England with his wife, who is due to give birth any day now, Gareth explained: "[Fabian] has my full support. He's buying his wife curries to try and aid the speed of process! But it's a bit of perspective in life. There's only one day in your life when your child is born. I know my father's generation would view that differently, but you have to be there for your family."

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Fabian said: "Gareth understands how important family is because we speak about it a lot. He was with England, and got back for the birth of one of his ­children, and made it by ten minutes so hopefully I can do the same." Harry's fiancée, Katie, recently celebrated her baby shower with an elaborate teepee party, where the guests watched England's match against Panama. She also had an elaborate cake adorned with 'Baby Kane', while the couple's daughter, 18-month-old Ivy, wore an England shirt with 'Daddy' on the back.

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