How Gorka Marquez and Gemma Atkinson will keep relationship alive through Strictly madness

What did we ever do before the days of Facetime?!

Gorka Marquez is about to have a hugely busy time on his hands while training with a new celebrity dance partner on Strictly Come Dancing, but he and his girlfriend, Gemma Atkinson, have revealed how they have kept their relationship going when they're not together – through Facetime! The former Hollyoaks actress shared a screenshot of the pair talking to each other on their phones, and captioned the photo: "Thanks Facetime exist!" (sic)

Gemma shared a snap of the pair on Facetime

The pair, who met during last year's Strictly series, have a very playful relationship, and Gemma also cheekily revealed that she had snacked on Gorka's ice cream while he was away. Sharing a snap of the empty container, she wrote: "As if someone broke into the freezer without me seeing and ate your ice cream… so disrespectful." The 33-year-old has previously opened up about her relationship to HELLO!, saying: "Gorka is like my best mate. He's very supportive and understanding of my career, and I'm very supportive and understanding of his. It works well. I hope he's The One, otherwise I wouldn't be with him."

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Gorka added: "She makes me laugh, she makes me happy. I'm lucky to have her beside me." Gemma has even hinted that she would like to start a family with her partner. Chatting on Lorraine, she said: "In ten years, when I hopefully have a couple of kids running around, I don't want to get out of breath running up the stairs after them. It's nice to have someone tell you, 'You are beautiful' regardless." She continued: "I love the fact that Gorka is an amazing cook and I love eating, so it's a great combo. Outside of the gym there is a mutual understanding. Being best mates as well - it sounds cheesy. It's fun really."

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