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Claire Foy says her 'The Crown' co-star Vanessa Kirby 'sparkles all over'

By Meaghan Wray

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While Claire Foy has given up her throne as QueenElizabeth II onthe critically acclaimed Netflix series TheCrown, it certainly does not signify an end to her reign in Hollywood. Takinga break from the spotlight before hitting the promotion circuit for the DamienChazelle biopic First Man, theactress has been out supporting close friend and co-star Vanessa Kirby, who played PrincessMargaret.

Her hiatushasn’t stopped her from enjoying some time at the theatre, and there’s onestage production in particular that blew the actress away. Claire recentlywatched her 30-year-old friend’s performance in a production of Julie in London, she told Vanity Fair. “The thing about Vanessa is thatshe’ a star. She literally sparkles all over her. She’s out of this world,” shegushed. “But I know her and what she’s like, so I’m a bit like, ‘You’re soamazing, but you’re a complete wally sometimes.’”

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The two weremesmerizing as the royal sisters, who sit on two opposite sides of thepersonality spectrum – the Queen as a stoic and poised leader and the princesson the more rebellious side, grappling with true love and abiding by royalrule. They’re passing on their torches to Olivia Colman and HelenaBonham Carter,who will play the monarch and her off-kilter sister respectively. Speaking of passingthe torch to Olivia, 44, Claire said: “If anything, I was like, ‘I’m going toleave you completely alone. Have a nice time,’ just because you don’t need manycooks getting involved … We spoke on the phone, but we didn’t have an[in-person] powwow.”

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Claire firstbroke onto the TV scene with her well-received role in the series Little Dorrit, based on Charles Dickens’struggles and hardships in 1820s London. Now with over 10 years of acting experienceunder her belt, the award-winning actress has some career advice for aspiringstars. “In this industry, you just have to be brave enough to say no [toroles]. And it doesn’t mean you’re being ungrateful. It doesn’t mean thatyou’re never working again. It doesn’t mean that you don’t love something. Butyou have to say no in order to have new experiences and challenge yourself.”

You also haveto have the courage to stand up for yourself and what you deserve, somethingClaire learned all too well when her salary on The Crown became the subject of a major pay gap controversy. Afterdiscovering that she was paid significantly less than co-star Matt Smith, whoplays Prince Philip, the 34-year-old admits that she learned how important itis to ask for what you want. “I’ve learned so much from it about how much Ishould be involved, or what I can ask when I would’ve been too scared to askbefore,” she explained. “Now I just think, ‘What’s the danger? They’ll turnaround and say, ‘Well, we’ll just offer it to someone else’?’ If so, that’sfine. But in life, you have to be able to ask.’ There are no stupid questions,especially when it comes to standing up for yourself.”

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