Nadia Sawalha shares throwback photo from her school days - and it gets people talking

The Loose Women panellist was promoting anti-bullying

Nadia Sawalha hasn’t changed a lot since her school days, and the Loose Women panellist took to Instagram this week to share a throwback photo of herself in her uniform to promote anti-bullying. The TV personality accompanied the picture with a poignant message telling fans the advice she would give her younger self. She wrote: "So happy to be supporting the very important #back2school campaign again this year ! Why not join me by uploading a school photo and your advice . Mine would be if you are suffering or worrying tell someone you trust! A problem shared is a problem halved !! There’s no need to suffer in silence ...@antibullyingpro."

The Loose Women panellist looks exactly the same now too!

The picture got people talking – not only about Nadia's positive advice – but about how she hasn’t changed. "You have barely changed, good genes," one wrote, while another said: "You truly have not changed! And god advice – talk." A third added: "You've hardly changed since your school days Nadia!"

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Last year, Nadia took part in the Back2School campaign with her teenage daughter Maddie, 15, who was sadly bullied when she was at mainstream school. Recalling some painful memories in a video, Maddie said: "At first at school I was kind of ok. It wasn't a big deal to me. I didn't really mind. And I think progressively, across time, it got more to me. It could be stuff said behind my back or literally just looks when you're walking down a hallway, people looking at you with a side eye. It was a tight feeling in the chest."

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Nadia Sawalha and her family

The teenage continued: "I remember just being nervous because a lot of the people that bullied me there, they'd be on and off. They'd be really nice to me one day and then they'd be really horrible the next day, so it was going in and not knowing how they would be with me," said Maddie. Her words proved too much as Nadia welled up, choking back tears. "You crying?" asked Maddie, giving her mum a hug. The campaign hopes to raise awareness and funds to train an anti-bullying ambassador in each school, and has had many celebrities taking part over recent time, including Giovanna Fletcher and Tom Daley.

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