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Andrea McLean shares emotional post after momentous day

Well done Andrea!

Jenni McKnight

Andrea McLean shared an emotional post after she completed the Vitality London 10k race on Monday. The Loose Women panellist joined Giovanna Fletcher, Model Shareefa J and marathon regular Anna Harding, to jog through the streets of London in their underwear as part of the Celebrate You team, whose aim is to promote body confidence. 

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Well done Andrea

Sharing a few snaps on Instagram of her victory as she crossed the finish line, Andrea captioned the images: "What an incredible day! I did it! My first EVER race, my first 10k, where I have gone from a standing start back in January to running in front of millions of people on TV, press and in person in my underwear to promote something I feel really strongly about - feeling strong and comfortable in your own skin. 

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What an amazing achievement

"In my approach to my 50th birthday I’ve spoken about saying yes to things that make me feel uncomfortable, that push me way beyond my comfort zone. And every time I have said “yes” the rewards have been out of this world. I defy ANY woman to feel confident in their own skin at that moment when they strip down from their leggings and T-shirt and walk towards a start line surrounded by other runners who look way more confident than they feel, to not feel intimidated. I did."

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The 49-year-old added: "I knew that there would be photographers poised and waiting to take a picture of a TV presenter running with her cellulite out to the world! Yes, before you jump in snarling, I’ve chosen pictures here that I like, because why the hell not? They sum up the joy I felt today, running alongside some INCREDIBLE women who I got to know whilst jogging, at OUR pace, through the streets of London in front of everyone. Wouldn’t you choose pictures that made you feel happy too? My favourite is the one with my arms in the air because we had 100m to go til the finish line and I had just spotted the love of my life, my wingman and biggest cheerleader in the crowd @lordfeeney I was so filled with joy and happiness that I had DONE IT!!"

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