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Loose Women star Andrea McLean emotional after hearing big news

The mother-of-two was overwhelmed

loose women andrea mclean news
Hanna Fillingham
Hanna FillinghamUS Managing Editor
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Loose Women panellist Andrea McLean was on her way from work on Monday when she found out some very exciting news regarding her latest work project. Taking to Instagram Stories from the back of her taxi, Andrea couldn't resist sharing the big update with her followers. Visibly emotional, the star said: "Well, I needed to say a huge thank you to you as I am number one in female biographies on Amazon, and I'm number three in best-selling books on Amazon! I can't tell you how much that means to me, so, so, so much. Just to know that everyone has got behind it makes me so, so, happy. So thank you."

loose women andrea mclean news revealed

Andrea McLean was overwhelmed by her happy news

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Overwhelmed, Andrea continued: "I also want to say a massive, massive thank you to the lovely Zoe Ball for having me on Radio 2 today. Zoe, I just know that you being so enthusiastic about the book made a massive difference. So thank you! And also, a massive shout out to the BBC today as I know that right across breakfast you were doing a huge push on the menopause and it's things like this that make a massive difference." She added: "If my book helps in any, any way, I will be so thrilled." As well as her best-selling book, Confessions of a Menopausal Woman, Andrea is currently embarking on a debut theatre tour which is based on her book.

loose women panellists

Andrea is one of the anchors on Loose Women

It has certainly been a full-on day for Andrea, who got up early to chat to Zoe Ball on her Radio 2 Breakfast Show, before fronting Loose Women at lunchtime. The presenter's morning didn't get off to the best of starts though when she realised that her purse was still at home. However, her day was made when a kind samaritan offered to buy her a coffee. The mother-of-two shared a short video on Instagram Stories with the unnamed coffee buyer, and said: "I left home today and forgot my purse today and this really nice man has bought me a coffee!" The man then smiled and said: "You're welcome, enjoy!"

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Andrea supports HELLO!'s kindness campaign

Andrea has been open about her experience with the menopause, which started for her at the end of 2016. Talking to HELLO!, she explained: "At the end of 2016 I had to have a full hysterectomy and what that did was it put me into full menopause, which is different to a normal menopause in that it's more intense."

Andrea added that she started to talk out about because her absence on a daily TV show would have been otherwise unexplained. She said: "I started becoming more vocal about it because of working on a daily TV show - I had to give a reason as to why I wasn't going to be on air. I told the truth, which at the time was actually quite a daring thing to do. If you spoke out about going through the menopause, you were instantly seen as old. Working in the media as I do, being seen as old is really not a great career move. So it was quite a big deal to hold my hand up and say, 'This is what's happening to me, this is what I'm going through'. I was still in my 40s, so I wasn't looking back at it retrospectively. It was something that I was going through at the time."

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