Madonna reveals the challenge she faces with her son

The doting mum has six children

Madonna is a world-famous pop icon, and understandably was hoping that her children would follow in her footsteps one day. However, her son David, 13, has decided to follow in a completely different path as a footballer. David is showing so much promise, that Madonna has even moved her family to Lisbon to help him pursue his footballing dream. And while the singer is incredibly proud, she admitted that it was a "challenge" as it wasn't something she knew as much about. "God, I wish he wanted to be a singer, it would be a lot easier for me," the mum-of-six told Graham Norton during her appearance on The Graham Norton Show. "That's what I mean, was it a disappointment that he chose sport over music?" Graham prompted. "I can't say it's a disappointment as that's not fair, but it's a challenge," Madonna confessed.

Madonna spoke out about her son David

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Along with David, Madonna is also mum to Lourdes, 22, Rocco, 18, Mercy, 13, and six-year-old twins Stella and Estelle. Just like every mum, Madonna has rules in place for her children, and is particularly strict about technology. Talking to Vogue, the pop star revealed that she still hasn't allowed David to have a mobile. "I'm going to stick that one out for as long as possible, because I made a mistake when I gave my older children phones when they were 13," she said. "It ended my relationship with them, really. Not completely, but it became a very, very big part of their lives. They became too inundated with imagery and started to compare themselves to other people, and that's really bad for self-growth."

The pop star with four out of six of her children

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Out of all Madonna's children, she also sees herself the most in David. "What he has more than anything is focus and determination," she told Vogue. "I'm pretty sure he got it from me. He's the one I have the most in common with. I feel like he gets me, he has more of my DNA than any of my other children so far."

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