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Andrea McLean posts powerful body positivity message with a stunning pic

'I've decided to stop giving a damn'

Jenni McKnight

Andrea McLean has sent a powerful message about body positivity, while posing in a bikini. The Loose Women star has joined a new campaign to promote body confidence, admitting she has now decided to "stop giving a damn" after being self-conscious about her own body for such a long time.

Sharing an image of herself on Instagram in a leopard print bikini, Andrea said: "#ThisBikiniCan be strong and sexy in swimwear this summer. I feel really passionate about every woman being and feeling comfortable in their own body. So many of us don't feel comfortable in swimwear and I didn't for a really long time. I’m turning 50 this year and I've decided to stop giving a damn and live life to the full, so that's why I said yes to joining @OntheBeachHolidays and showing #ThisBikiniCan to promote body confidence."


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Earlier this week, Andrea sent another powerful message after being inspired by American singer Miley Cyrus after watching her performance at Glastonbury Festival. After Miley shared a story on stage about forcing herself to do things that "scare" her, Andrea admitted she could strongly relate to her message, and was even inspired to talk to her 12-year-old daughter Amy about what "being brave meant". 

Sharing a video of Miley's speech on her Instagram page, Andrea gushed over the 26-year-old before writing her own powerful statement. She said: "Sometimes heroes don’t wear capes... They wear shiny PVC trousers, frighteningly high heels and enough bling to sink a ship. Every now and then you stumble across someone who articulates something WAY better than you ever could. And @mileycyrus has summed up in her own rock’n’roll way, the way I live my life - working hard, getting back up when I fall or am knocked down and doing things that scare the s**t out of me."


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Andrea is all about body confidence 

Andrea continued: "Just this morning I had a chat with my 12-year-old about what being brave meant. I told her that it was easy to do things that don't scare you, but it takes real bravery to try things that you might fail at, and that I was proud of her for going on a stage in front of her classmates and us parents and performing for us, even though she was shaking with fear. I host a live TV show every day in front of millions of people every week, but there are days that I'm scared I won't get it right. And Miley performs in front of gazillions of people, even though she's scared she won't live up to people she admires."

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