Matt Willis reveals he used to spend only an HOUR with wife Emma every three weeks

How frustrating!

Rocker Matt Willis has revealed that during the height of his band Busted's fame he and his wife Emma Willis were only able to see each other for an hour every three weeks. Matt made the shock confession to The Daily Mail, saying: "There were moments in our life where we were like [expletive] we never see each other. We said: 'We can't do this anymore.' Busted were on tour for about five months and she was working all the time so I would see her for like an hour or something like every three weeks. She'd have work [when] I'd be home so it was becoming progressively more difficult, so now we block out time."

Matt added: "We always have a month in the summer when we're together, and something has to be really important to break that up. Even though we seem really busy, we both have big periods of time at home with the kids, we kind of prioritise that, we have a lot of weekends together now." We're glad to hear that after such a full-on few years the couple is finally able to enjoy each other's company more!

Matt and Emma have been married for more than a decade 

Matt and Emma have been married for 11 years and have three lovely kids together. There are daughters Isabelle, nine, and Trixie, three, and then there's son Ace, seven. Most recently, the family took a trip to the countryside with Matt's McBusted bandmates Dougie Poynter and Tom Fletcher. Emma shared some wonderful snaps of her family frolicking on the stunning grounds of the estate Tom shares with his wife Giovanna, and it definitely looks like the group got up to all sorts of adventures.

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Emma shared some lovely snaps of her family's trip to the countryside 

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They were only away for the weekend, though, and Matt said that they try to spend a full month together once the summer rolls around. Perhaps we'll be treated to some new holiday snaps before we know it!

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