Angelina Jolie gives rare insight into her children's incredible bond

The Hollywood star is a doting mum to six children

Angelina Jolie and her family faced a bittersweet milestone last week when her oldest son Maddox left home to go to university in South Korea. And while Maddox will be very much missed by his mum and younger siblings, the Maleficent actress is confident that he will be just fine as he makes it on his own. Chatting at Disney's D23 Expo, she told Entertainment Tonight: "When you know that your kids love each other and you see the way they all – without any kind of prompting or pushing – give each other notes, hug each other, take care of each other, support each other, then you feel like they're going to be okay and they're always going to have each other." The star also told Daily Mail that she's extremely proud of her first-born. She said: "It's hard but actually really exciting! He's ready and he's so smart. And I'm so proud of him. And I'm excited. I'm excited about his choices."

Angelina Jolie spoke out about her children's close bond

Understandably, when Angelina dropped Maddox off at the Yonsei University campus last week, she was overcome with emotion when it came to saying goodbye. The doting mum told Entertainment Tonight: "I also, just at some point, had the big [sun]glasses and the amount of times I turned and waved. I do know it was the one moment in my life I think I turned around six times before the airport just… and he sweetly stayed and kept waving, knowing that I was going to keep turning around. You could feel he knew he couldn't leave."

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The star recently took her son to university in South Korea

Angelina has done a wonderful job encouraging her children to be adventurous, and she has previously spoken out about their love of learning, and how all of them enjoy studying languages. During an appearance on BBC Radio 4's Women's Hour in June 2016, she said: "All the kids are learning different languages. I asked them what languages they wanted to learn and Shi is learning Khmai, which is a Cambodian language, Pax is focusing on Vietnamese, Mad has taken to German and Russian, Z is speaking French, Vivienne really wanted to learn Arabic, and Knox is learning sign language."

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She also added that despite their mum being in the public eye, none of her children have any interest in becoming actors. "None of my kids want to be actors," Angelina revealed. "They are actually very interested in being musicians. I think they like the process of film from the outside. Mad is interested in editing. Pax loves music and deejaying."

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