Amanda Holden voices her support to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle after surprise news

Prince Harry and Meghan announced they will step back from official duties this week

Amanda Holden is one of the many celebrities to have rushed to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's defence after they announced they will step back as senior members of the royal family. Speaking on Heart Breakfast on Thursday, the Britain's Got Talent judge confessed that she didn't "really understand what all the fuss is about" regarding the couple's statement but remains hopeful the royal couple will still be able "to represent us brilliantly abroad." She shared: "Honestly I don't really understand what all the fuss is about because before Christmas the Royal Family announced they were going to slim down the Royal Family, just use the main players.

Prince Harry and Meghan made their decision to step back after six weeks in Canada

"I would imagine that Harry and Meghan don't consider themselves main players so all their doing is stepping back, earning their own money and still going to represent us brilliantly abroad," she continued. "I mean I really like them, I hate the fact that they get all this kind of stuff in the press and I think, I suspect that she maybe is, or wants another baby. I'm thinking she doesn't want to go through another year of everyone kind of slagging her off, so yeah I'm all for it. I want them to stay together, I want them to be happy."

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Despite the royal couple's potential move abroad, Amanda added: "It's a shame because I feel that Harry is the more fun down to earth one so we'll kind of lose a bit of sparkle I think but I think we’ll be able to watch from a distance. I think they're going to storm it."

WATCH: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle step back from royal duties

Her co-host Jamie Theakston also agreed, saying: "Lose a bit of sparkle, get a bit of Markle. I met her once, she's a lovely lady. Also she listens to the show so I think we have to tread carefully because this will be on in Frogmore… The boss is keen as well, but also Meghan and Harry, we send our very best to you."

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"Yes we do," quipped Amanda. "I think had Princess Diana lived, she would have done the same kind of thing, she would have maybe found someone to love her properly, moved out of this country and represented us brilliantly across the globe."

Meanwhile, according to, the couple will support the Queen "by continuing her efforts to draw special attention to these groups as patrons of multiple organisations." It's likely that Prince Harry and Meghan will still carry out royal tours as they have stated they "deeply believe in the role of the monarchy and their commitment to Her Majesty The Queen is unwavering."

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