Jennifer Garner gives rare insight into life at home with her three children – and it sounds idyllic!

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Jennifer Garner is a doting mum to her three children and while she doesn't tend to share photos of them on social media, the Hollywood star delighted fans this week after giving a glimpse inside their family life. Taking to Instagram, the 13 Going on 30 actress revealed that they all enjoy baking together, with a particular favourite being Pumpkin bread, although she admitted that they now make it without her now that they are older. The star shared a video of her in the kitchen, pretending to have a cooking show, and wrote in the caption: "This is my favourite 'make with kids' recipe—you don't even need a mixer. My kids are big enough to make it without me, so I'll imagine you making it with yours. P.S. it is irresistible and indestructible, freezes well, and makes everyone happy."

Jennifer Garner revealed she loves to make Pumpkin bread with her children

This isn't the first time that Jennifer has given fans a picture of what life is like behind closed doors for her and her brood. Last year, she shared photos of an inventive game they had come up with, which saw them make various animals out of paper, and another time, the mother-of-three posted a video of herself surrounded by a Lego wall which her children had created. Jennifer also encourages her children to help grow produce in their back garden, and they even keep chickens – who regularly make appearances on Instagram.

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While Jennifer has many projects on the go, her priority is being a mum. The star recently spoke out about parenthood during an annual conference, INBOUND, held by HubSpot in Boston, where she was a panellist in October. She said of motherhood: "I really can't complain about my kids. They're pretty awesome. They humour me. But I have chilled out and stopped trying to be my mum." On having learnt to balance work and family life, she added: "It used to be [just] what you can get, first. You're just so grateful to have a job, and leave the restaurant. And then it's what job would fit in the hiatus of Alias, and be just something different from what I was doing nine months a year. And then it became about how to surprise myself. I'm always driven by writing, so I do quirkier movies more than big, bold ones. Then it became about my kids' schedule, and being pregnant and nursing and where my husband was working, and how to fit it all in. And now it's whether they can shoot in LA while my kids are in school."

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