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Nadia Sawalha captures moment husband Mark Adderley tells her she is overweight on camera

The Loose Women star could be heard gasping

Aisha Nozari

Nadia Sawalha's husband Mark Adderley has suggested that his wife is overweight in a tense video shared on the family's YouTube channel. The moment unfolded as the pair sat in their parked car. Mark began to ramble in a long-winded way about Loose Women star Nadia and how she is always the first to say if he needs to look after himself better, suggesting that this time, it was him that wanted to offer his wife advice in a similar vein. 


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Eventually, Nadia asked outright: "What are you trying to say?" It was then that Mark clearly told his wife: "I just think in recent weeks…" Before he can finish, Nadia jumps in, saying: "Are you trying to say I'm fat?"

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Nadia and Mark are very close 

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"No, I wouldn't put it quite so crudely," Mark carefully responded. "But you've put on a bit more weight than I'm used to seeing on you." The producer was met with a gasp from his wife, but continued: "I'm only saying it from a position of care and concern."
Nadia quickly made it clear that there was no bad blood between herself and her husband, telling him: "You're right. I say it all the time myself, don't I?" "I don't mean it horribly at all," Mark added.

Mark recently appeared alongside his wife on Loose Women, and the pair discussed Mark's struggle with depression. The doting dad opened up about his mental health issues, specifically depression and alcoholism. 

Mark told the panel: "When I car-crashed my life through addiction, a number of people didn't realise I had such a problem. Half of the stress with mental health is hiding it, concealing it, and concealing it is where I think addiction comes in. Because people conceal it to drink, through drugs, through all sorts of compulsive behaviour... Friends didn't realise that I was spiralling out of control in my private life and so they were surprised."

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