Gary Lineker's son George, 28, shares video of himself on day 12 of coronavirus

George Lineker has been battling coronavirus symptoms for over a week

Gary Lineker's son George has been experiencing coronavirus symptoms over the past 12 days, and has been self-isolating as a result. Like many other COVID-19 sufferers, the 28-year-old has lost his sense of taste and smell, and went to new levels to prove this. Taking to Instagram, George shared a video of himself drinking a glass of vinegar, which he embellished with lemon juice. He said: "A little taste challenge. I think I'm on about day 12 of not being able to smell or taste anything. Get some vinegar in here, that will do. Some lemon, put that in. Here we go." After downing the drink, George admitted that it was "quite strange" that he couldn't taste the vinegar.

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VIDEO: Gary Lineker's son George drank vinegar to prove he has no sense of taste

George has been self-isolating at home after developing coronavirus symptoms

George had spent time at his dad's house before getting symptoms, and as a result Gary has been self-isolating too. The football star has been sharing updates about his experience on Twitter over the past few days. On 23 March, he wrote: "In self-isolation as @GeorgeLineker has symptoms. They're not the regular ones, but complete loss of sense of taste and smell. Odd these have not been pointed out much. Been nearly a week and has spent time at mine. I've been vigilant, hand washing/ distancing but isolation it is."

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George with his famous dad on the red carpet

Since he started developing COVID-19 symptoms, George has been updating his fans on social media about his progress to recovery. At first, he was unsure about whether or not his lack of senses were a result of the coronavirus, until reports were released revealing that this was one of the many indicators of the disease. He wrote: "Quite a few of you out there who can’t smell or taste either. I’ve had it for a few days but only heard about this being a symptom last night, if I have it. Pretty much been home the past few days but now isolating as it can be contagious. Feel fine & still exercising daily."

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Days later, George updated his followers, writing: "If anyone is after an update I’m on day 8 of not smelling or tasting anything, pretty weird. That’s the only thing though still feel 100 per cent. Sounds like there’s a lot in the same boat as me. Obviously not been tested so can’t be sure if it’s coronavirus or not." Most recently, George responded to a Twitter user who suggested that his symptoms were sounded like a cold. He wrote: "Irrelevant. These are symptoms of coronavirus, and they can be the only symptoms. This info has only come out fairly recently so many people don’t know. It may be nothing or it may be the virus. Bit of a coincidence that so many have just these symptoms if it’s not though."

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