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Scarlett Moffatt shares exciting news with boyfriend Scott Dobinson

The former Gogglebox star is a huge sci-fi fan

scarlett moffatt boyfriend kiss

Scarlett Moffatt has announced some exciting news with her fans on Monday. Taking to her social media pages, the 30-year-old revealed she has launched a new podcast with her policeman boyfriend Scott Dobinson during the ongoing coronavirus lockdown. The podcast, called Scarlett Moffatt Wants to Believe, will see Scarlett talk about various conspiracy theories, whilst trying to convince her non-believer boyfriend into them. "The day has arrived," she said in the caption. "Since I was a little girl I've been obsessed with conspiracy theories and now I’ve got my own podcast about it I honestly can’t believe it. Me and my boyfriend Scott chat about conspiracies from the moon landing to illuminati to tiger king to aliens."

scarlett moffatt boyfriend podcast© Photo: Instagram

Scarlett Moffatt and her boyfriend Scott Dobinson have launched a new podcast

She added: "He is a non-believer so my aim is to make him believe at least one of my conspiracies (also as you can imagine in the middle of a lockdown there may be a few heated debates on the podcast)." The former Gogglebox star then appeared on Loose Women to talk about the podcast and life in lockdown, telling the panel: "My boyfriend Scott thinks it's a load of rubbish, because I said when I was about ten, a massive beam of light went into my bedroom window and then I had a dream, but I think they wanted me to think it was a dream that I had been visited by aliens, but Scott seems to think that it was just a car headlight and that it was probably a dream."

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scarlett moffatt loose women© Photo: ITV

The TV star appeared on Monday's Loose Women

On being a sci-fi fan, Scarlett revealed: "I'm literally obsessed. Me and Scott on our first date, I asked him if he thought we’d really been to the moon. This is what confuses us - people say, 'Oh I believe we've landed on the moon', but then they find it really far-fetched that there can't be other planets where other little men haven’t travelled to our planet."

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Nadia Sawalha then asked if her obsession with conspiracy theories was a problem in her relationship with Scott, to which Scarlett said: "This is the thing, he's the complete opposite of me. For example, his idea of fun is flatpack furniture, so he's very methodical and he's very factual, so I think it works because then we end up having a conversation about two whole ideas. He still doesn't believe anything I say, but that’s part of the fun, trying to convince him."

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