Shirley Ballas reveals lockdown with boyfriend Danny Taylor has been "a learning curve"

The couple went public with their relationship in January 2019

Andrea Caamano

Shirley Ballas and Danny Taylor have been together for over a year, but it's been thanks to lockdown that they have managed to really spend quality time together for the very first time.

Talking live on HELLO! magazine's Friday night Instagram show HELLO! Let's Gab, Strictly's Shirley told presenter Gaby Roslin that before lockdown, the couple were spending a day together a week, and the past ten weeks have been a "learning curve".

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Telling Gaby how she and Danny were getting on, Shirley explained: "I'm learning to live with my partner, whom I used to see one day a week and now we've been on lockdown ten weeks, 24/7, and Saturdays, Sundays and holidays."

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She later sang his praises, telling Gaby that he was "a present". "But what we've learned through lockdown, because I have anxiety, and he's really helped me with that. He stays calm and he's kind. You don't have to tell him to do anything. He is one of those men who just does it. You don't have to nag him. He cleans up after himself, loves to water the garden, cook, wash the dishes… I mean, it’s a present, he is a present!"

She added: "It's been a learning curve, because I'm a person that has been moving 24/7… teaching, working, travelling, USA… I've never, ever, ever been in the house for longer than two days, so the first few weeks I didn't know what to do with myself and this is where Danny helped me because he put me on a schedule."


Shirley and Danny met during the 2018-2019 winter pantomime season, when they were both starring in a Christmas production of Jack and The Beanstalk at the Liverpool Empire. Their romance was confirmed in January 2019, when they were spotted strolling around London arm in arm.

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Shirley first confirmed that she was dating someone new in January 2019, when she told TV host Lorraine Kelly: "I've met somebody nice."

Since then, Shirley has barely stopped gushing about Danny. In September last year, the Strictly judge spoke exclusively to HELLO! about her new man, even calling him 'The One'. Shirley explained: "I just love that man I just want to sit there all day and stare at him. He is 'The One'. We have a lot in common and we laugh all the time. He is part of the reason why I readjusted my life. Danny is just so magnificently special. I have met his parents and everybody likes each other. That’s a plus