James Middleton shares bittersweet reason he launched new business

Kate Middleton's brother also offered a discount to try his new business

James Middleton has spoken about his new business, Ella.co, in a heartbreaking message on Instagram where he also opened up about his struggle with clinical depression, and how his dog Ella helped him through it.

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 WATCH: James Middleton announces new business with pet pooch Ella

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Posting a video about the exciting venture, a dog food company that provides dry food with all the nutritional value of raw food, James wrote: "I remember sitting in the therapist's chair with Ella by my side having taken a leave of absence from my company Boomf to focus on my clinical depression, with tears in my eyes I said 'what am I going to do next', I had zero confidence & I felt like a complete failure." 

James announced his exciting new business

He continued: "The therapist said, 'Do something you love - you love your dogs and have so much confidence around them so why not try and include them in your next venture' and so the journey of Ella & Co begins. I am extremely proud to be launching @ella.co - this is not just a business, this is my heart & soul, I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you." 

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He concluded: "Ella has been my inspiration & I want to do everything I can to give back to her and the rest of my wonderful dogs for everything they have done for me over the years. The first step in my journey: creating the perfect balanced diet." 

James owns five pet pooches of his own

His followers were quick to offer their support, with one writing: "This is wonderful James! Yes! We need this in the U.S.," while another added: "Have just ordered. Really looking forward to seeing how Buttons gets on with this as he is such a fussy eater. Fingers crossed he likes it."