Claudia Winkleman makes rare comment about children

The famous mum opened up in a past interview

Claudia Winkleman is notoriously private when it comes to her personal life, but from time to time she has given glimpses into her family set-up.

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The Celebrity Best Home Cook presenter lives in London with her husband, film producer Kris Thykier, and their three children, Jake, 17, Matilda, 14, and Arthur, nine, and in August 2018 she opened up about what makes her brood so close during an interview with The Guardian.

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Talking to beauty journalist Sali Hughes, the down-to-earth star admitted that they live in a very open household, so much so that there are no locks on the doors. The mother-of-three disclosed when asked if she would go to the bathroom without locking the door: "Of course, yes! And the window open… I might got, 'I'm in here', you could sit there, no problem.'"

Claudia Winkleman has spoken out about her family life

Since her interview with the newspaper, Claudia has released her brilliant new book, Quite, in which she speaks a little more about her children, in particular Matilda. 

The 48-year-old suffered immense heartache in 2014 when her little girl was badly burned during trick or treating on Halloween, and she dedicated an entire chapter in her book to thanking the medical professionals who came to her rescue. 

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Claudia - who also had to seek professional help to combat the horrifying image of Matilda's costume going up in flames - gushed about the NHS workers who were so incredible when Matilda was hurt. 

She wrote: "There have been moments in my life, the most terrifying, the most confusing, the most discombobulating – that have led me to believe that the greatest people who walk the earth are nurses. They are kind, they are clever, they work incredibly hard, they are there to save us, or to help us through it when saving is simply not possible.

The presenter shares three children with her film producer husband

"They hold your hand when your child is going in for an operation, they hold your hand when the surgeon says there's bad news, they hold your hand when the doctor says the medication isn't working."

Matilda had to undergo a series of operations on her leg after her supermarket witch costume caught fire from a candle. 

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