10 fabulous fish dishes for a high-protein, low-calorie diet

As diet trends come and go, one dish will always remain at the top of the health food list. With its high-protein, low-calorie content, fish is the perfect option for a post-workout meal or a delicious yet healthy bite. So it's no wonder celebrities like Olivia Wilde, Miranda Kerr, Lily Allen, Nicole Scherzinger and Peter Andre have all opted for a pro-fish diet.

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Peter Andre is a big fan of sushi
"Carlito and I out for lunch :))" tweeted new dad Peter just last week alongside a snap of himself with a pair of chopsticks mid-lunch.

"#Latergram Last wk went on my first #FISHNCHIPS outting! I had to take my family! #Foodcomma #NeverEnuffVinegar" posted Nicole Scherzinger after a night of indulging on this British classic.


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Lily Allen also likes to dine on sushi. The Smile singer is apparently crazy about the Japanese dish and eats it to keep in shape.

HELLO! Online has collected the best 10 fish dishes to get you on your way to a healthy diet like your favourite celebrities... From a how-to guide on California rolls, a gluten-free halibut dish, harissa sea bass, trout risotto and Peppered Norwegian salmon with pasta and mushrooms... click on the photo above for this week's healthy menu.