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How to keep your macaroni from going dry and 9 more of the best food and drink hacks

Reddit users share their tips on everything from checking your freezer is working properly to keeping spring greens fresh.

How to keep your macaroni from going dry and 9 more of the best food and drink hacks

Do you know how to stop macaroni cheese going hard? Or how to check your freezer is working while you’re away? Have no fear, there’s a place on Reddit that has the answer. LifeProTips is the subreddit you need for tips on anything from computing to social interaction – and today we’re looking at the best its brilliant minds can offer on food and drink. Get a notepad ready, here are 10 dining tips you might want to remember.

1. "Add a small amount of milk to macaroni and cheese before reheating to keep it from getting hard." – natewrtell

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Milk is the key to soft macaroni cheese (EzumeImages/ Getty Images)

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2. "If you want to 'vacuum seal' food, put it in a ziplock bag and submerge it in a bowl of water with the bag open above the water. The water will push the air out of the bag, and you can close it without any left inside." – SilverfireSage

3. "One 18 inch pizza is more pizza than two 12 inch pizzas." – LeFrogKid

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The area of an 18-inch pizza is about 61cm² greater than two 12-inchers (Steve Parsons/PA)

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4. "Learn to look at food products labelling carefully. 'Made with 100%…' is very different to 'made from 100%…' – JoeinJapan

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5. "Anything on a food label that isn't in the boring nutrition information section is marketing material, not nutrition information." – khorbin

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Be wary when reading the back of packets (Alistair Wilson 50/50/PA)

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6. "Worried your freezer isn’t working? Put an ice cube in a ziploc bag and keep it in there. If the ice melts and refreezes it will be misshapen, indicating a thawing." – kcdale99



7. "Do an online search for which restaurants give out free birthday meals. When your birthday rolls around, your email will be full of coupons for free meals that don’t expire for about a month." – zachwilly

8. "When making rice, just throw some broccoli on top when there is about 10 minutes left. It'll be perfectly steamed at the end and is a super easy way to add some nutrition with virtually zero extra work!" – aznednacni

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Vegetables cooked with rice saves on dishes too (ivanmateev/ Getty Images)

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9. "If your milk smells sour, pour a little into a cup/glass and smell it again, often it is the residue in the neck/opening that is sour and not the milk inside." – JSHU16


10. "If you buy spring greens in the plastic container, put a slice of paper towel in there after you open it. It absorbs the condensation and makes the greens last longer." – wearebrainstorm

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