Jamie Oliver reveals Jools' obsession with chocolate and their favourite family meal

The mother of five stashes sweet treats all over the house

Jamie Oliver and wife Jools are celebrating their 17th wedding anniversary on Saturday, so it's no surprise that the couple know practically everything about each other – including the way to each other’s hearts. And it seems Jamie's got it very easy – his wife Jools is obsessed with chocolate.

When HELLO! recently asked the chef what is the one food that reminds him of his wife, he replied without hesitation : "chocolate".

Jamie and Jools celebrate their wedding anniversary on 24 June

"She just loves chocolate. I find stashes everywhere, they are hidden, I'm not sure if they are hidden from herself, or hidden from me or definitely hidden from the kids but there are tins and stashes everywhere. She just loves chocolate and she is a more rounded person with her daily intake of chocolate."

But when the mother of five is not indulging her sweet tooth, she is enjoying her favourite family meals - curry and "a good, full English roast".

"She really loves a good curry, she loves homemade naan, she loves a good curry, she just loves all the bits and pieces. She gets so happy. Or a really good full English roast. She's a home girl, Jools, so anything that involves lots of people being out... dive in, she is into that."

Jamie has revealed Jools love a "good, full English roast"

With a dad who is a chef and restaurateur, it's no surprise that Jamie's kids, especially teenagers Poppy and Daisy, love cooking and do "loads" of it with him.

"They go in waves of interest and it might be focused on breakfast, lunch or baking and bread... then they do it for a year, and they are out and then they come back with something else," he told HELLO!

And it seems they enjoy food as much as their mum and dad: "Definitely my teenagers now are more about world food, noodles, sushi, more spice and so they are more open minded now. When they were seven, eight-year-olds getting a curry in them was a bit of a challenge, they are all over it now."

Jamie also revealed that his youngest son River, who was born in August 2016, is just starting to discover food, something the chef finds very entertaining. "I love it, the other day I let him taste lemon for the first time! He is at the stage of trying… we just muck about really!"

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