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Sainsbury's Christmas advert divides fans – have you seen it?

The supermarket advert features real people and Sainsbury's employees


Sainsbury's has launched its Christmas 2017 advert, but has left fans divided by the karaoke-style montage. The supermarket bucked the trend this year, opting to use real people and some of their own employees from London, Cardiff, Manchester and Glasgow. The group all sing about their Christmas traditions – from working out Santa's address to eating the last mince pie – and show how they are all "living well" this festive season, a nod to Sainsbury's "living well for less" campaign.

The 90-second advert, which also features cameos from Kermit the Frog and actor Ricky Tomlinson, is partially shot in black and white. The song, Every Bit of Christmas, Every Bit of This, was written by London-born rapper Ben 'Doc Brown' Smith while the advert was directed by We Are From L.A, the French directing duo best known for making Pharrell Williams' Happy music video.

sainsburys kermit the frog

Kermit the Frog featured in this year's advert

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After Sainsbury's extremely tear-jerking advert about the English and German soldiers in 2014, and last year's The Greatest Gift video about giving people time at Christmas, some fans were left disappointed by this season's edit. One fan tweeted: "Don't know what I've just watched @sainsburys! Worst Christmas ad yet!" A few complained about the song, writing: "Well, that Sainsbury's Christmas advert isn't going to become irritating at any point in the next 6 weeks is it?" Another posted: "That's gonna get right on my nerves!!"

However, many viewers loved the advert and everything it encompassed. "Yes! @sainsburys This is what it's about, families, fun, food, songs and the great British public enjoying Christmas!!!" Another commented, "Love it! Come on people it's Christmas! Season of goodwill..." while a third tweeted: "Sainsburys Christmas advert is rather catchy!!"

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Laura Boothby, head of broadcast communications at Sainsbury's, said of the advert: "Living well has been at the heart of our advertising all year and there is no better time to celebrate that than at Christmas. There are so many rituals and moments that makes each person's Christmas special and we wanted to feature as many of these as possible – and all set to a catchy festive tune!"

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