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Dianne Buswell suffers baking disaster while preparing Joe Sugg's favourite dessert

The Strictly Come Dancing star may need more practice with her banoffee pie

dianne buswell joe sugg dessert

Dianne Buswell decided to treat her partner Joe Sugg by cooking his favourite dessert, banoffee pie, but she had to turn to fans for advice after it went terribly wrong. Sharing a video of her cooking attempt on Instagram, the Strictly Come Dancing professional revealed she was very optimistic about her skills, stating, "I've never made a banoffee pie before. Look, it can't go too wrong because there's baking involved and that's amazing...Fingers crossed it works, although lately, I've been on a roll." While she was very proud of her rainbow cake creation she shared recently, Dianne may still need to practice her banoffee pie skills. 

dianne baking

Dianne couldn't get her banoffee pie to set

After walking fans through the step-by-step cooking process and leaving the dessert to set in the fridge, Dianne asked Joe to give it a taste test. "It looks incredible," Joe said, but when Dianne attempted to cut a slice she realised it wasn't the right consistency. Unfortunately, the extra time in the fridge didn't fix the problem, and Dianne was forced to serve it in a bowl. Lifting up the base to try and break off a slice, the top two layers of caramel and cream could be seen sliding off the top! "Sometimes you win some, sometimes you lose some," Dianne joked as she tried to pry the biscuit base from the bottom of the tin. 

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Joe still seemed very pleased with the thoughtful surprise and gave his opinion on the taste. "What would you give that out of ten?" Dianne asked, and the 28-year-old replied, "The flavour? I'd give it a nine. It has a really nice banana flavour." However, he compared the consistency to phlegm! "You know what, because you made it I'd give it a ten," Joe concluded - how sweet!

Dianne went on to ask fans what she did wrong, and many were quick to share their advice in the comments section. "I’m not an expert but I don’t think the caramel turned into caramel and that’s why it didn’t set properly," one commented, and another added, "I think you were supposed to put it in the fridge to set after each layer, that might be the reason it came out like that! Still looks yummy though." Meanwhile, another revealed an easy cheat's way to ensure it sets next time: "Buy Dulce De Leche in a tin rather than condensed milk... Totally cheating but tastes perfect!"

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