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Nigella Lawson's 'disgusting' Halloween recipes surprise fans

Her ghoulish recipe names concerned some fans...

Nigella Lawson's 'disgusting' Halloween recipes surprise fans

Nigella Lawson may be the ultimate domestic goddess, but her latest recipes might make you question her usual glamorous persona. 

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The TV chef teased several Halloween recipes on her Instagram on Wednesday, including 'Slime Soup' and 'Bloodclots and Pus' - and fans went wild for her ghoulish recipes… 

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"I have quite a few #Halloween recipes, including Witches’ Hair, Slime Soup, Bloodclots and Pus, pictured disgustingly below, and others that will be #RecipeOfTheDay over the next 4 days," penned Nigella, who shared a rather unappetising photo of her signature blood and pus dish (it was only jelly and custard, don't worry). 

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Nigella's fabulously fun recipes might look horrific, but they're guaranteed to bring some excitement to the family table this Halloween weekend - and fans confirmed they've been using her same recipes "for years". 

Nigella's 'Blood and Pus' recipe sent fans wild

Rushing to the comments to share their love for Nigella's spooky recipes, several foodie fans were quick to compliment the star's creativity.

"I used to make your slime soup every Halloween for my kids, they’re mid-twenties now and still remember it fondly," penned one fan, whilst another wrote: "This was a Halloween birthday party regular for years in my house! I wonder if I could make it for a load of 17-year-olds this year!" 

Other fans weren't so convinced by the questionable looking dish, with one commenting: "Slime soup? Interesting," and another writing: "This is gloriously gross." Several other fans left nothing but vomit emojis in the comments section. 

We investigated what the culinary goddess actually meant by 'slime soup',  and turns out, the dish is actually pretty delicious. 

slime soup

Nigella's 'Slime Soup' is simply pea and cheese soup

Nigella's official website reads: "I know the title sounds disgusting - it's meant to - but the soup itself, as any pea and cheese soup would be, is addictively wonderful and, as you can see, ludicrously easy to make". We'll definitely be adding this to our Halloween weekend menu...

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