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How to feel happier with very little effort

Personal stylist Sian Clarke shares why adding colour to your wardrobe can brighten up every day

Woman leaping in pink jumpsuit© Instagram
Melanie Macleod
Wellness Editor
January 30, 2024
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There are plenty of things we can do each day to help us feel happier, but they can often feel like a lot of effort - especially if you already have a super busy life.

If you’re looking for a way to effortlessly feel happier, personal stylist Sian Clarke, AKA Styled by Sian, has the answer - add colour to your wardrobe.

While it’s tempting to go for minimalist black, grey or navy clothes, Sian implores us to reach for rainbow brights, explaining: “I can’t stress the importance of wearing colour to help us boost our mood.

Woman drinking tea and wearing green© Instagram
Adding colour to our wardrobe is an easy moodbooster

“Colour is sorcery. It's a magic tool you can use at any time and to boost you up, calm you down and impact others around you,” Sian says.

“Colour is a language that we all speak, it releases physiological, emotional and physical effects that trigger a response in your nervous system, so it's perfect for giving your mood a boost. Wearing colour helps you step into your best zone.”

If you’re new to wearing colour, Sian has a handy guide to the powers of different shades.

For energy and motivation: Red

"Red is perfect for days when you need high energy and motivation (or you are just plain exhausted) because it releases adrenaline into your body," she explains.

woman smiling next to a clothes wrack© Instagram
Red is a confidence-boosting colour

"It is also fantastic to give the illusion that you feel more confident."

For social events: Orange

"Orange is the warmest, friendliest and most approachable colour. It is super sociable and gives you a mood boost as it is a mix of red and yellow. It can help you think in the moment and show your reliable side," says Sian.

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For blitzing brain fog: Yellow

"Yellow is the most stimulating colour," Sian shares. "It activates the left part of our brain which is where we do the deep thinking.

Woman smiling wearing a yellow top © Instagram
Sian loves wearing yellow

"If you are someone who struggles with brain fog and indecision, yellow can help you with concentration and focus. It's also the happiest colour of all - just think of how the sunshine makes you feel.

"Yellow is my personal favourite colour to wear when I need a mood boost, because I associate it with summer sunshine, brighter days and laughter.

"Yellow has a distinctive ability to create a sense of warmth and reassurance. It gives me great comfort, a boost in energy and confidence to match!"

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For stressful days: Green

"I describe wearing green as bringing you back down to earth," Sian says. "Green is the colour of balance, harmony and is very reassuring on days you feel all over the place because it reduces cortisol levels. Wearing green will help you destress, relax and get back in the game."

Woman in a fringed green outfit© Instagram
Green is great for calming down

For feeling calm: Blue

"Opt for blue in times of overwhelm. It releases the feel-good hormone oxytocin into our system, creating a gorgeous sense of calm.

woman smiling in a blue dress© Instagram
Blue is a calming colour, says Sian

"The calmer you feel, the better you can communicate and grow relationships in work and your private life."

For difficult meetings: Purple 

"Purple is the perfect colour to wear if you have to mediate between people. The combination of confidence-boosting red and calming blue combine to create the ideal colour to wear when you’re in a state of flux."

How to add colour to your wardrobe 

1. Start with accessories 

"Starting with an accessory in your favourite shade will make you feel at ease with the pop of colour because you already love it. It could be anything from earrings, a belt, shoes or a bag,” Sian advises.

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2. Move onto print

“Next, start adding printed items into your wardrobe. The base colour of the print could be in a dark huethat you're used to, but make sure the pattern is bright to introduce colour to your wardrobe.”

Woman sitting in a blue jumpsuit© Instagram
Adding colour to our wardrobes is an instant mood-booster

3. Embrace coloured basics

“Once you feel confident with accessories and print, try wearing a simple tee or jumper in a block colour of your choice. T-shirts are a staple wardrobe hero that will give you so many more colourful outfit options."

4. Try head-to-toe colour

“Now you're no stranger to wearing bright T-shirts, try wearing one colour head to toe - e.g. in a block colour dress or jumpsuit. You can calm it down with a neutral jacket and shoes so that it feels less OTT.”

Learn more about Sian here and visit HELLO!'s Happiness Hub for more advice on how to feel happier.

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