Rachel Riley cuddles up to baby daughter Maven wearing the most gorgeous cherry-print dress

How adorable is this mother-daughter photo?

Fiona Ward

Rachel Riley looked beautiful on the latest episode of Countdown, didn't she? The star posted a snap on Instagram from the filming of the programme, as she revealed that she had taken baby daughter Maven along with her. Showing off her gorgeous cherry-print outfit, she captioned the adorable photograph: "Introducing our newest Countdown viewer on my first show back filmed post-baby today! Tune in at 2.10pm on @channel4 if you want to meet her."


Rachel looked lovely in her cherry-print dress

There were plenty of comments about sweet little Maven, though many fans were curious about Rachel's chic outfit, too. "Where is this gorgeous dress from? You both look amazing," one wrote. The multi-colour cherry-print dress appears to be a luxurious silk number from high-end brand HVN, with a price tag of £210. Beautiful! 

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Rachel often wows the show's viewers with her pretty dresses, so we bet they are mighty glad to see her back on-screen. The star even joked that her rainbow-hued dress is reminiscent of her childhood style, sharing a hilarious side-by-side image on Twitter. "Turns out my dress sense hasn’t changed much over 30 years!" she wrote. 

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WATCH: Baby Maven makes her Countdown debut

Baby Maven made her own adorable debut on the beloved game show on Monday evening, with Rachel telling fans: "I had a bit of a busy weekend, I made a new friend, quite literally, do you want to meet her?" Maven then appeared on set in Pasha's arms. "So yeah, a bit of a busy weekend, it feels like two and a half months have passed," she joked. 

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