Ciara causes a stir with surprising announcement 

Fans are so confused...

Brandi Fowler

On the heels of the launch of her travel accessories brand, it appears Ciara is on the cusp of announcing the debut of a second company...or at least we think. 

The Level Up songstress teased fans on Monday in her Instagram Story when she appeared fresh-faced in a video wearing a black t-shirt topped with a gold necklace and told fans she was “excited” to reveal what she’s been working on. 

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Ciara went on to post the letters 'LITA', and then the Instagram page for 'Lita by Ciara'. On the page there is a huge sultry photo of Ciara wearing a black plunging dress. The caption for each photo square reads 'We are love.'


Ciara teased fans with an Instagram announcement before unveiling the Lita by Ciara Instagram page

Although Ciara gave no further details, fans are already speculating about what LITA is all about, and the majority on Twitter are buzzing that it’s a new clothing line. That would make total sense, considering the mom-of-three's killer sense of style. 

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A trademark also appears to be registered for Lita by Ciara, and lists it under apparel - and maternity clothing and accessories. 


Ciara gave fans a glimpse at her upcoming brand Lita by Ciara

Whatever the brand turns out to be, it’s clear Ciara is on a quest to continue to build her empire. The revelation comes on the heels of the launch of her travel accessories Dare to Roam, which debuted on Aug. 11. 

The company, which specializes in pandemic-chic antimicrobial travel gear, includes a variety of colorful backpacks and tracksuits. 


A post shared by Ciara (@ciara)

Ciara showed off Dare To Roam's colorful backpacks and tracksuits

The Prodigy Backpacks are 100% ethically produced and 99% effective in killing bacteria. They suppress mold growth and mildew too, which helps eliminate odors, discoloration, and deterioration, according to the brand’s site. 

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The mom-of-three originally announced the launch of Dare to Roam in an Instagram post that showed her wearing a hooded sweatshirt and toting the Prodigy Backpack.

“I’m excited to share a cool new project I’ve been working on to help you rebuild your confidence as you Dare To Roam. @daretoroam launching 8.11.21,” she captioned the photo.

The first drop was so good that we can’t wait to see what she has in store for LITA. 

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