Lorraine Kelly sparks debate among fans with surprising fashion admission – do you agree?

We shall call it bra-gate

Fiona Ward

Lorraine Kelly always keeps her fans and viewers updated with her daily outfits and favourite fashion staples, but we weren't expecting her latest sartorial revelation – that she keeps her bra on all the time! All. The. Time. During a chat with Loose Women's Coleen Nolan and Gogglebox star Scarlett Moffatt, she made the admission – and unsurprisingly, it's caused quite a conversation. "I even sleep in it. I don't feel right when I take my bra off. I feel weird. I take my make-up off and scrape my hair up but my bra remains," she said on Wednesday's show.


Lorraine made a surprising fashion confession...

Both Coleen and Scarlett were firmly on team bra-off, with Coleen asking, "The girls have never been free?" and Scarlett adding: "You have just got to take it off and let loose in your own home. It's the best feeling." Lorraine didn't budge, replying: "I like to be held."

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After the clip from the show was posted on Instagram, the debate prompted plenty of comments from fans – with the majority agreeing with Scarlett and Coleen. "OMG my bra is off after the school run if I’m not going anywhere else!" one wrote, while another added: "OFF!!!! First opportunity I get, I'm whipping that bad boy off! Hair up, PJs/leggings on, bra off - the minute I know I’m done 'peopleing'. I don’t care if it's 4pm, that's what's happening."


Some sided with Lorraine, of course, with one replying: "I thought I was the only one in the world to keep mine on ALL the time? Feels totally weird without it." Another lady agreed: "I'm with you Lorraine I keep mine on all the time, don't like them loose!"

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So where do you stand on the great bra debate? While you're at it, let us know your thoughts on double denim and socks and sandals…