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Puppy love endures for Mickey during UK visit

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Hollywood hardman Mickey Rourke is currently storming box offices around the world with his portrayal of the vengeful tough Marv in Sin City. In real life the actor seems to have a rather more sensitive side, however, as he's clearly not averse to public displays of affection when it comes to his beloved pet dogs. The 48-year-old was photographed giving his four-legged friend a cuddle at a restaurant in London this week. Since he arrived in the UK Mickey has been spotted with a series of female companions, but on Tuesday afternoon it was one of his pet Chihuahuas that was enjoying his attention.

In recent years the performer, who's fought his way back from a lengthy career slump, has developed a special fondness for the tiny canines. "I live alone and little dogs live twice as long as bigger ones," he explained. "So if they're my family, I want them around as long as possible. When I come home there's seven cheerful things waiting. It's like you have a happy family that you just can't wait to see every day."

Mickey was at the peak of his fame when he became disillusioned with the movie industry and decided to return to his first love, boxing. He came close to making his name as a pugilist, but a handful of tough defeats and a penchant for fast living left him with permanent damage to his face and a career in ruins. "You wake up one day and everything is gone," he admits. "Your respectability, your money, everyone you care about. You're alone."

It was around this time that the Angel Heart star first came across the dog home Chihuahua Rescue. And since then he has adopted seven of the centre's most "anti-social" residents because he knows they, like him, deserve another chance.

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His liaisons with members of the female sex may have been fleeting recently, but there is one relationship to which the Sin City star remains faithful - that with his beloved Chihauhuas. "When I come home there are seven cheerful things waiting," he explained recently. "It's like you have a happy family that you just can't wait to see every day"
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The actor once explained that the reason he is drawn to small dogs is because they live longer than larger ones - something which is obviously important to someone who has experienced more than his share of truncated relationships

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