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Action girl Jodie Foster strikes in Japan

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After the action-packed exploits she gets up to in her latest film, Jodie Foster squared up confidently to the relatively mild task of splitting open a cask of sake in Tokyo.

Visiting the Japanese capital to promote her new thriller, Flightplan, the two-time Oscar winner grinned when she was offered a hammer to break the wooden lid, and leaned over to sniff the contents after striking a decisive blow.

In Flightplan, the 43-year-old - who has a couple of young sons in real life - plays a frantic mother whose little girl goes missing during a long-haul flight.

As in Panic Room, Jodie's character proves to be the kind of mum the bad guys shouldn't try to push around.

"Even before I had my first child, I was a pretty maternal person," she said recently. "It's just part of my make-up." Which goes some way to explaining why the high-IQ actress, whose illustrious career has included standout roles in Taxi Driver, The Silence Of The Lambs and Nell, now seems to be single-handedly forging a mother-defending-her-young action genre.

Photo: ©
The Oscar winner takes a sniff at the barrel of sake, a drink which is enjoying a resurgence in popularity among young JapanesePhoto: © AFP
Photo: ©
Splitting open the cask must have been child's play to Jodie, whose latest film, Flightplan, sees her undertake some action-packed exploits Photo: © AFP

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