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Hollywood action heroes and American Gangster co-stars Russell and Denzel were in LA this week for the crime drama's premiere
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The pair were joined on the red carpet by Leathal Weapon star Mel Gibson - the man who helped set the standard for screen tough guys
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Original tough guy Mel helps Russell and Denzel unveil new thriller

30 OCTOBER 2007

With roles in a string of big screen blockbusters under their belts Russell Crowe and Denzel Washington are firmly established Hollywood action heroes. And as the two joined forces on the red carpet to unveil their latest adrenaline-fuelled flick, they were joined by the man who helped set the standard for screen tough guys - Mel Gibson.

The Braveheart actor, who has been largely absent from screens during recent years while he concentrates on his directing projects, joined the duo at the LA screening of their crime drama American Gangster. Mel's soon set to challenge all the new tough guys on the block, though, with the announcement he is to begin filming new police thriller Under And Alone next year.

Joining the Tinseltown trio at this week's special screening of the New York-set criminal underworld drama was a host of famous names. Among them were Destiny's Child beauty Michelle Williams and Kylie Minogue's former flame Olivier Martinez.

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