This powerful photograph of Hotel Rwanda star Sophie, shot by noted photographer Donald MacLellan, is just one of the shots featuring in a new exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in London
Photo: Donald MacLellan
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Hunky The Day After Tomorrow star Adrian is also among the lineup of black British acting talent being recognised
Photo: Donald MacLellan

Bond star Colin Salmon puts in an appearance in this haunting black and white shot
Photo: Donald MacLellan

Sophie, Colin and 'Hustle' hunk among talent feted in expo

28 MARCH 2008
With an Academy Award nomination under her belt for Hotel Rwanda and a critically acclaimed performance in TV series Tsunami: The Aftermath Sophie Okonedo is a natural choice to be included in a new exhibition celebrating the best of black British acting talent.

Photographed peeking out from under a hood with a pensive smile on her face, the actress is just one of the familiar faces featured in the upcoming Want To See More Of Me exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in London. The display also includes stunning shots of The Day After Tomorrow hunk Adrian Lester and London-born Dirty Pretty Things star Chiwetel Ejiofor. Colin Salmon, who shot to fame playing tuxedoed MI6 agent Charles Robinson in the 007 franchise, features in a striking black and white image.

"I knew I wanted a good cross section of well established actors, newcomers and those who are in the later stages of their career," says snapper Donald MacLellan, who in the course of his career has also photographed Oscar winner Tilda Swinton and Trainspotting star Ewan McGregor.

Want To See More Of Me opens at the National Gallery on April 25.

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