Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper's chemistry is 'undeniable' reveals Serena director

Susanne Bier has opened up on the chemistry between Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper.

"Their chemisty is undeniable", Susanne said.


She added: "They had shot Silver Linings Playbook when shot this film but it hadn't come out so they knew each other and on the first day could go out to dinner, but it wasn't like they weren't overtly familiar with each other, so there was some tension which worked for the film."

Speaking of Serena and Jennifer's interest, Susanne said: "[Serena is] kind of a damaged human being who as a woman is very unlikely character in this world of men, tearing down tress and basically destroyng the nature.

"The complexity of disrespecting nature and yet being an attractive human being is fascinating."

She continued: "I had seen Winters Bone and thought 'she has to be in the movie'.

"She wasn't famous and the huge big star she is today and so we asked her and she liked the script and wanted to play Serena, and she's done it beautifully."

Serena is out on 24 October