Coronation Street spoilers Monday 1 - Friday 5 October

Coronation Street spoilers are right here!

Find out everything you need to know about the upcoming episodes of Corrie! In next week's episodes, Weatherfield is full of it's usual drama as David bundles Josh into a car, Sinead gets some terrible news and struggles with what to do, and Jim and Liz share a kiss. Find out all of the Coronation Street spoilers below...

Monday part one

Billy tells David that he sent Josh packing but David is furious that Bethany knew Billy was visiting Josh and storms out of the house. Josh goes into the salon and finds David alone, but will he apologise?

Ryan sticks to his story that he left the flat and when he came back Cormac was dead. He tells Sophie that he panicked and didn't call an ambulance and asks her to back up his version of events. Meanwhile, Sinead breaks down in the urban garden and confides in Beth that she's three months pregnant, but has been bleeding for the last four weeks. Elsewhere, Brian prepares for his interview. Ali tells Jude to come clean and give Roy his money back. Kirk reads a story about sightings of a big cat and wants to go looking for it.


Monday part two

Billy is shocked when he sees David bundling Josh into his car and is worried that he is going to do something stupid. The police call at Speed Daal and ask Sophie about Cormac's death, but will she back Ryan's version of events? Ronan comes to thank Ryan, Ali and Michelle for all they did for Cormac, leaving them squirming.


Daniel apologises to Kirk for talking down to him about the big cat and surprises him by asking him to be best man at the wedding. Elsewhere, Beth urges Sinead to go to the hospital about her bleeding. Jude gives the cheque back to Roy.


Wednesday part one

Daniel and Sinead attend her baby scan and are thrilled when they see their baby on the screen. After sending Daniel on an errand, Sinead tells the sonographer about the bleeding. Sinead is examined by an obstetrician who tells her she has found a lump on her cervix that needs further investigation. Robert shows Ryan and Michelle a report about the drug dealer that supplied Cormac being found dead. Ryan blames himself for both deaths, while Paula insists Sophie must go and tell the truth.


Hannah tells Jim they need to up the stakes and put more pressure on Johnny. Jenny gets a bouquet of flowers with a cryptic note saying, 'These are to help you through tomorrow'. Terrified, Johnny tells Carla he will have to pay up. Elsewhere Geoff invites Kirk onto his radio show to talk about the big cat sightings. Daniel gets a letter from his mum and Jack is struggling with being back at school.

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Wednesday part two

Sinead is warned the lump may be cancerous, meaning she'd need chemotherapy and possibly consider terminating her pregnancy, leaving her horrified. But when Daniel reveals he's had a letter from his mum but wants nothing to do with her as she and the baby are the only things that matter to him, Sinead makes the decision to keep her heartbreak to herself. Masking her inner turmoil she lies to the Beth that everything was fine.


In fear of Ronan, Ryan reveals he plans on running and suggests Ali should do the same. Ali refuses and when the police arrive, and a bag of pills are found in his coat pocket, Ryan's plans are thwarted. Ryan's arrested and taken to the station. Elsewhere, Steve thaws towards Jim and asks him to be his best man, Jim hides his guilt. In a bid to ease Jack's return to school, Brian promises he can play computer games with his mates during break.


Friday part one

Johnny and Carla stash a packet full of fake cash in the urban garden as arranged. Hannah receives a text saying the cash has been dropped. As Kirk takes photos from Victoria Court trying to discover the big cat Carla watches him, could they hold the evidence she needs to expose the blackmailer and will Jim and Hannah realise they've been duped?


When she receives a letter from the hospital Sinead stoves it in her pocket unopened. As Daniel talks about the baby Sinead becomes upset but blames it on her hormones. Elsewhere, Imran represents Ryan in his police interview. He tells them the truth about how he delayed calling an ambulance. The police warn if the pills found in his pocket match those that killed Cormac he's in serious trouble. Ronan's menacing as he tells Michelle he'll be waiting for Ryan when he gets out. Eileen despairs when Liz admits she still has feelings for Jim, while Jack's down as he tells Kevin how everyone treats him differently now at school.


Friday part two

Admitting how much she's missed him, Liz and Jim kiss. In a bid to do something romantic, Daniel plans an alternative wedding for himself and Sinead the very next day. As Sinead secretly makes a biopsy appointment for the morning, she claims she has a dentist appointment and agrees to meet Daniel back at the flat before Tracy's wedding, unaware he has other plans.

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Elsewhere, Tracy's hen do takes place in the bistro. When Ryan finds out Ronan has been looking for him he purposefully smashes up the police waiting room and kicks an officer to ensure he's locked up again.


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