Coronation Street spoilers Monday 22 - Friday 26 October

Coronation Street spoilers are right here!

Find out everything you need to know about the upcoming episodes of Corrie! In next week's episodes, Ken struggles to keep Sinead's secret, and eventually tells another person. Nick is shocked by what David has been through and feels like he's let him down, and as such decides to stay in Weatherfield, and Jack feels alienated at school. Find out all of the Coronation Street spoilers below...

Monday part one

An excited Jude comes off the phone and reveals to a delighted Mary and Angie that he has got an interview for a place on the paramedic's course. Yasmeen is surprised revealing he fainted at the first sight of blood on her first aid course. However, Roy is supportive and promises Jude a cheque for £5k to help fund the course. Mary answers a call from the university on Jude's phone and discovers he walked out of the exam and has been lying to them all again. What will she do?


Ken puts pressure on Sinead to tell Daniel the truth. Daniel calls in the cafe to find Sinead in tears and demands to know what Ken has done to upset her. As Brian compliments Ken on his first published short story, Ken graciously points out that it's all thanks to Claudia and her salacious tales of yesteryear. As Lewis reads Ken's story aloud in the salon, Audrey becomes upset and grabbing the Gazette, chucks it in the bin, leaving Lewis taken aback. Elsewhere, Jack is upset at being made to feel different at the after school club when Gary's mate Greg arrives. Cathy takes an instant dislike to Brian's boss Phil.


Monday part two

A journalist from the Good Samaritan Awards comes to the cafe to interview Jude and Roy. Mary discovers the £5k cheque from Roy and tackles Jude in private saying that she is going to tell Roy and Angie the truth. How will Jude react? Kevin calls at the holiday club and finding Jack upset, takes him home. Phil makes it clear he's unimpressed with Brian's handling of the situation, leaving Brian feeling a bit of a failure. Greg calls at No.13 and chats to Jack about his prosthetic and how much he's been able to achieve. Jack's impressed whilst Kevin's grateful to Greg.


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Ken is shocked when a furious Audrey reveals that she is the subject of his salacious tales from the past. Ken reveals that Claudia was the source of his information but he had no idea she was talking about Audrey. Elsewhere, unable to carry the burden any longer, Ken confides in Claudia that Sinead has cervical cancer but refuses to tell Daniel, leaving Claudia's devastated for him.

Wednesday part one

Mary tries to return the cheque to a suspicious Roy who realises there is something going on that Mary is not telling him. Geoff hosts the Good Samaritan Awards at Speed Daal. Arriving late, Mary can't bear to hear all the good things being said about Jude and slips out of the awards followed by Roy.


Toyah moans to Sarah about being stuck in a pokey damp flat on Tile Street as she and Leanne can't afford anything better. Sarah relays the tale to Nick who surprises the sisters by revealing he has put a deposit down and paid three month's rent on Johnny's old flat in Victoria Street. Chesney waits nervously for Gemma in the bistro. However he's disappointed when Gemma turns up with her mate, Spike, blissfully unaware of his romantic intentions. To save his embarrassment, Emma steps in to make up the foursome.


Elsewhere, Phil calls at the holiday club and is impressed to see it running so smoothly. Brian's flattered but when Phil dispatches him to carry out a risk assessment on the urban garden, his disappointment is palpable. Cathy casts a suspicious eye at Phil. In the cafe, Jack spots Lila, the girl who sat next to him at holiday club. Kevin realises Jack's smitten. Lewis surprises Audrey with an enormous bouquet of flowers.

Wednesday part two

Mary and Roy return to Speed Daal just in time to see Jude accept his award as Angie looks proudly on. Will Mary be able to keep quiet? Leanne makes it clear that her and Nick will only ever be friends, nothing more. Simon urges him to not to give up on Leanne, convinced they should be together. The atmosphere is strained as Chesney, Emma, Gemma and Spike sit down to dinner. Emma clearly fancies Chesney whilst Chesney and Gemma secretly fancy each other.


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Elsewhere, Cathy is angry when Phil takes all the credit with the LEA for Brian's work setting up the holiday club. Brian tells her that the children's happiness is all that matters to him. Greg invites him to come and watch a training session with the bladerunners in action, Jack's thrilled and Kevin's pleased to see his son so happy.

Friday part one

Nick masks his panic when David notes all his missed calls from ‘E'. But when Shona overhears him telling someone that he's been looking after his Mum she's suspicious and confronts Nick. David returns home to find Shona and Nick mid row. As the row escalates David drops a bombshell. Leanne moves into her new Victoria Court flat with Toyah and Simon. Simon points out it's obvious Leanne still loves Nick and should just admit it. Has he hit a nerve?


Tracy arrives back from honeymoon without Steve, proudly revealing how she stole his passport and abandoned him in the desert. However when Shona discusses Michelle's car crash, Tracy's quietly horrified, especially when the police arrive to question Abi about Michelle's car. As Abi's led away, Tracy forms a plan and pockets Abi's wallet and keys.

As Sinead heads to work she suffers a dizzy spell. When Daniel tells Ken that he's worried about her, Ken covers his unease. Elsewhere, Gemma explains to Rita that Spike stayed the night but admits he's no substitute for Chesney. Emma arranges another date with Chesney, he's cool towards the idea but she assures him it'll be good practise for when he meets the girl of his dreams.

Friday part two

As David describes his ordeal, Nick's consumed with guilt and offers to move back but David insists it isn't necessary. Nick confides in Leanne how he's let David down and he's about to abandon him again. When Leanne suggests he should stick around, Nick's heartened and calling ‘E' he lies that his Mum's taken a turn for the worse and he can't return home.


An irate Abi goes to the show the police the CCTV footage, knowing it will prove her innocence, but she's horrified when Kevin discovers the laptop has been stolen. Tracy feels awful. As the police question Abi they suggest she was in cahoots with Ronan and sabotaged the car in return for drugs. Abi's furious and back on the street loses her temper with a disbelieving Kevin. Elsewhere, Sinead's taken aback when Claudia reveals that Ken has told her about her cancer and she has her support whatever she decides to do. Over dinner, Emma makes notes on Chesney's performance as a boyfriend and suggests some improvements.

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