Luther fans are taking life lessons from the show 

Have you been watching season five of Luther?

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Fans have been riveted by season five of the hugely popular crime show, Luther, which sees everyone's favourite detective attempt to track down a sadistic killer while dealing with the mob and the return of an old frenemy - the one and only Alice. While viewers are delighted that the series is back after a four-year hiatus, the grisly murder scenes which take place in standard everyday scenarios, including a night bus, have given some fans ideas on how to improve their safety. Taking to Twitter to discuss Wednesday night's episode, one person jokingly wrote: "After watching #Luther, here’s a list of things I will now no longer ever consider doing. Getting on a Night Bus. Getting any form of surgery done. Having any appliance fixed."


The murderer is a heart surgeon

Another person added: "#Luther is changing the shape of the UK quicker than the government. As of today, the night bus is no longer used and no one is selling second hand goods anymore. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings. Cheers @BBCOne." A third person joked: "Just taken my fridge off eBay," accompanied by a horrified emoji. Fans aren't the only ones to be spooked by the series, as Idris Elba himself has admitted that filming the show can be "depressing".

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Chatting to Radio Times, he explained: "It's a tough show to make; it's not fun making Luther. It's very gruelling. Tough, long hours and obviously because of the nature of the type of show it is, it deals with murder, it's depressing if I’m honest. But it's a good bit of drama and the fans really love it." Speaking about what to expect from the rest of the series, which ends on Friday, Idris added: "There are some really incredible moments and I think there will definitely be things we haven't seen in Luther before. It's the one that really answers some of the unanswered questions about John."

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