Emmerdale spoilers: Cain Dingle cheats on Moira – and gets arrested for Joe Tate's murder

Your weekly spoilers for Monday 21 January to Friday 25 January

Hanna Fillingham

Emmerdale has an action-packed week in store from Monday, and Cain Dingle will be wishing that he hadn’t got out of bed as things go from bad to worse for him. Charity goes to visit Cain to confront him on his recent behaviour, but when she goes around to see him she's shocked by what she sees. There's more trouble to follow, when Cain kisses her and later gets arrested for Joe Tate's murder. Elsewhere, Bob Hope continues to struggle with his financial situation, and things get so bad that he ends up sleeping rough. Aaron Dingle and Robert Sugden, meanwhile, end up losing Belle's new piglet, and Jacob Gallagher deletes Maya Stepney's details from his phone.


Cain Dingle gets arrested for Joe Tate's murder

Cain Dingle's week goes from bad to worse

Cain is struggling after confessing to Debbie that he killed Joe, and his behaviour causes concern for the rest of the Dingles. Charity decides to go over and see her ex, and is shocked to see the state he is in. However, taking Charity's kindness the wrong way, Cain goes to kiss her, leaving her horrified. Little do they know that Matty is also present, and captures the kiss on camera. Cain's week doesn’t get any better when the police arrive and confront him, but he refuses to go with them, resulting in him being arrested for Joe's murder. But who called the police? And will he really be sent down?

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Bob Hope finds shelter on a bench

Bob Hope sleeps rough

Bob is told to leave the B&B, but Dianne takes his bag of food tins, leaving him with nothing. However, Bob soon gets into another difficult situation at the pub, and later fails to have enough money to pay for his accommodation. Taking refuge in the Woolpack cellar, Bob is nearly caught, and the next night things aren’t as easy, and he finds himself with no other choice but to make a bed on a bench by the river.

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Victoria Sugden rings Ellis with some news...

Victoria Sugden pregnant?

Victoria does her best to get Billy and Ellis to make peace, and fed up with their arguing, she locks them in the Portakabin in the hope that they will see sense. However, Ellis soon begins to worry for Billy when he starts having a panic attack. Later, Victoria leave a frantic message to Ellis, and later is seen throwing a pregnancy test under the sofa when Marlon and Jessie appear…

Jacob Gallagher moves on from Maya Stepney

Jacob deletes Maya's contact details from his phone, and tries to make up with Liv. But whether or not Maya will be able to manipulate Jacob once again is yet to be seen.

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