EastEnders spoilers: Mel Owen makes a big decision

Your weekly spoilers for Monday 28 January to Friday 1 February

Hanna Fillingham

Mel Owen and her son Hunter return to Albert Square next week in EastEnders– and their troubles are far from over! Ray's disappearance causes residents to question where he is, while Hunter's behaviour spirals out of control. It isn’t until Mel seeks advice from ex-husband Ian Beale that she comes to a big decision that will change both her and Hunter's lives forever – but just will she go through with it? Elsewhere, Sharon Mitchell comes back to Walford to discover Keanu Taylor kissing Louise, and Stacey encourages Jay and Ruby to go on a date, but Ruby struggles after a misunderstanding.

Monday 28 January – Sharon Mitchell catches Louise and Keanu kissing

Louise thanks Keanu for helping her to pass her driving theory test, but she's annoyed when – after she posts a photo of them together on social media – he asks her to take it down, fearing that Sharon will see it. To make it up to her, Keanu throws Bex a surprise party. However, Hunter – who has returned back to Walford with Mel - ends up causing trouble at it, and makes Bex feel unnerved. As the party is getting underway, Sharon returns home to find Keanu and Louise kissing. Elsewhere, Mel attempts to remove all traces from Ray at their house, and Stacey encourages Ruby to go on a date with Jay, but it doesn’t go well when after advice from Billy, Jay tells her that they should just go on a date as friends instead. Things go from bad to worse when they are joined by Billy and Shirley.


Hunter fights with Keanu

Tuesday 29 January – Mel Owen worries for Hunter

Mel is concerned about Hunter's behaviour, but Hunter gets annoyed and humours her to stop her from worrying. However, Jack then makes a shocking discovery about Hunter when he finds him at the E20. Later, Nicola and Maddie turn up demanding to see Ray. The residents of Walford are out to celebrate Denise's 50th birthday at The Vic, and Sharon and Keanu struggle to keep their eyes off each other. However, after the pair sneak into the toilet, it isn’t long before Louise walks in, with Sharon having to help Keanu sneak out. Ruby discovers that her flat was broken into after her date, causing further distress.

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Mel worries about Hunter

Thursday 31 January – Jay Mitchell invites Ruby out on a date

Jay helps Ruby by reporting the break-in to the police, and later tells her that he would like to see her again. Elsewhere, Sharon and Keanu have words following the party, and Mel faces new worry when Nicola and Maddie refuse to leave.

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Jay asks Ruby out 

Friday 1 February – Mel Owen turns to Ian for help

Mel makes a big decision about her future after having a heart-to-heart with Ian. Ian mistakes their meet-up as a date, but after the air is cleared, he opens up to her about what happened with Bobby, leaving Mel food for thought about her own situation. Elsewhere, Karen assumes that Keanu – who is moping around the flat – is pining after Sharon, and it soon plays on his mind, resulting in him going over to see Sharon.

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