Emmerdale spoilers: Maya Stepney dies after shock accident?

Your weekly spoilers for Monday 4 February to Friday 8 February

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Emmerdale's Maya Stepney is about to have the week from hell as she loses control of grooming victim Jacob Gallagher with deadly consequences. The schoolteacher's plans to win back Jacob are crushed, and result in Jacob standing up to her and threatening to tell David Metcalfe about their affair. Maya then comes up with a plan to leave the village, but tragedy strikes when she falls over and hits her head, left for dead. Will she pull through? And will Jacob finally tell David what's been happening? Elsewhere, Cain Dingle is arrested for the second time, and Nicola King fights to save her marriage.


Maya upsets Jacob which has massive consequences

Maya Stepney to die?

Maya is jealous when she spots Jacob and Liv together going into Mill Cottage, and in a bid to get Jacob back to her, she tells Robert and Aaron that Jacob is over at the cottage – causing them to interfere and lash out at Jacob. However, Jacob soon sees through Maya when he realises that she stitched him up, and tells her to stay away from him. Maya is left crushed when Jacob tells her to stay away from him, and feels threatened when Jacob tells her that he will tell David about their affair. Terrified that everything will unravel around her, Maya decides to leave the village, but falls off from a stool when packing her bag – and is left unconscious. Will anyone find her in time, and will see pull through?

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Will Nicola and Jimmy split?

Nicola King fights for her marriage

Nicola struggles to accept responsibility for her involvement in the scam, which led to Jimmy facing the consequences. Her bickering with Jimmy has massive consequences on their children, and next week the school call to say that Elliot has gone missing. Luckily, Nicola finds Elliot outside and unharmed, and reassures an upset Elliot that she will still be his mum whatever happens between her and Jimmy. Nicola then decides to resolve things with her husband in a fight to save their marriage…

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Cain is in trouble

Cain Dingle is arrested again

Cain has a good start to the week when Kerry tells him that he can still have access to Kyle, but things soon change when he finds the police searching Butlers. After refusing to go to the police station with them, Cain is arrested for the second time, and ends up admitting that he saw Joe on the day that he went missing. But will Graham give the same story when he is questioned? Or is it all over for Cain?

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