Penny Lancaster gets emotional as she talks about terrifying accident involving her son

How terrifying!

Penny Lancaster was visibly emotional on Tuesday's episode of Loose Women when she opened up about a terrifying experience involving her youngest son, Aiden. The panellist – who is married to Rod Stewart – revealed that just before Christmas, Aiden had fallen down the stairs and she had found him unconscious, leading to her fearing the worst and thinking that he was dead. She said: "It was the most frightening experience I've ever had in my life. I heard this huge thud down the stairs. I rushed through and saw my seven-year-old face down in the stairwell. My first thought was he's dead, he's not moving."

Penny Lancaster was emotional as she recalled her son's accident

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The mum-of-two called for the emergency services right away, and tried to stay calm for her son. She added: "I was shaking but trying to be calm telling him 'it's OK darling.' He was just making these gurgling noises, he couldn’t even speak. I went through all the worst scenarios, he's broken his neck, he's going to be paralysed." Penny was at home with her children alone when the accident happened, with Rod away in America, making it even more scary. Luckily, after round the clock care at the hospital, Aiden was okay, with Penny thanking the NHS for their incredible work and care.


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Penny and Rod with their sons Alastair and Aiden

Penny was telling the story after the panel were discussing their parenting styles and whether they were different to their own parents. The former model explained that she was sheltered by her parents and that as a result, she wanted to let them to have more freedom. She added: "There's nothing I could have done to have prevented that happening. He's fine now, he recovered. It was a scary moment, but you have to let children be children."

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Penny and Rod are also parents to older son, Alastair, 12, while Rod is also father to six other children from previous relationships. Speaking about his children during an appearance on Lorraine in 2016, Rod remarked: "I've got eight children and I think I'm appreciating it more now in old age than I ever did before. I really cherish those moments... I've got a hockey player, I've got a musician, I've got a ballet dancer, a jazz dancer – they are all pursuing wonderful careers in the arts. Extremely proud of them."

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