Peep Show stars react to Olivia Colman’s Oscar win 

From Peep Show to Hollywood! Olivia played Sophie in the popular Channel 4 show

Before Olivia Colman became a Golden Globe, BAFTA and now Oscar-winning actress for her incredible performance in The Favourite as Queen Anne, the star was perhaps best known for her role as Sophie in Channel 4's hit comedy, Peep Show. In the series, Olivia played Mark's on-and-off love interest, and now both David Mitchell and Robert Webb - who plays Mark's best friend and roomat - have taken to social media to express their delight in their former co-star's win.

Olivia won an Oscar for her role in The Favourite

Robert wrote: "WHOOP! Congratulations to the brilliant & glorious #OliviaColman," before adding: "Btw, any actors wondering how it feels to wake up & find an exact contemporary just won an Oscar - they’d just better bloody well be Olivia Colman. As long as they’re as lovely, funny, hardworking & absurdly gifted as well as a mate for 26 years - you’ll feel just fine." David was also pleased to hear the news, and wrote: "Oh my God! That’s amazing! And what a brilliant speech!"

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Fans of the popular comedy were also quick to joke about Olivia's huge win, with one writing: "SOPHIE FROM PEEP SHOW HAS WON AN OSCAR," while another added: "The first of what is sure to be many Oscars for the cast of Peep Show." A third person referenced a moment in the series where Sophie climbs out of the ball pit of a children's play area, adding: "Olivia Colman's #oscars journey started when she climbed out of the ball pit on Peep Show." In her acceptance speech, the actress said: "It's genuinely quite stressful. This is hilarious! Okay, I have to thank lots of people and if I forget anyone I'm going to find you later I'm going to give you a big snog and I'm really sorry if I might forget now. But Yorgos (Lanthimosmy) best director in the best film and Emily (Stone) and Rachel (Weisz) the two loveliest women in the world to fall in love with and to go to work with every day. You can imagine, this wasn't a hardship."

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