Shyko Amos on whether she'd like Danny John-Jules to return to Death in Paradise

Danny John-Jules left the show after season seven

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Death in Paradise star Shyko Amos opened up about whether she'd like to see Danny John-Jules make a comeback in the hit crime comedy drama. The actress, who took over from Danny's character Officer Dwayne Myers in season eight, told HELLO! that she would love to work with the Strictly Come Dancing contestant if he ever returned to the series.


Danny left the show in season seven

Speaking about whether she was sorry she never got to work with the actor, she explained: "I actually don't know him - he's done so much with Red Dwarf and I think he's definitely that person on screen that people know. Although I didn't watch Death in Paradise religiously, I knew he was in it and I knew how popular he was. I am up for working with Danny John-Jules, absolutely!"

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Speaking about being the new officer in the show, Shyko admitted that fans initially had a split reaction to Ruby. She said: "[It's] both exciting and completely overwhelming, it's been a time for firsts for so much - one of my first TV jobs - I have done a couple of things before but nothing on this level. That's been amazing but obviously I am taking over Dwayne. Basically, be a newbie stepping into that persona- it's been overwhelming and exciting at the same time… I think they really decided with bringing Ruby on they wanted something that might be considered a bit different… I think on my first week people were like, 'What? Who is this person? What is she doing here?' Definitely had a split audience, 'Do they like her, do they not like her,' but I think so many people said she was a breath of fresh air - she has solidified herself in the team." Death In Paradise season eight DVD is available to pre-order now from Amazon and is released next Monday 4th March. 

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