Married at First Sight fans devastated after Jack and Verity announce split 

Fans were devastated that Jack and Verity haven't remained married

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Married at First Sight came to its conclusion on Wednesday night, where it was revealed both couples - Jonathan and Steph, and Jack and Verity - had decided to split up after just a few short weeks of marriage. While fans were unsurprised that Jonathan and Steph decided to call it a day as they struggled to make a connection following their wedding, viewers were devastated when it was confirmed that Jack and Verity had also broken up.


Jack and Verity split up

Fans thought that Jack and Verity could last the test of time after the pair instantly got along well on their wedding day, and confirmed that they would remain married at the end of the show. However, the three months later segment at the end of the show revealed that Jack broke up with Verity just a short time afterwards, with the groom claiming that there was a lack of chemistry between them. Speaking about the split, one person wrote: "The worst thing about Married at First Sight was Jack and his family making out Verity was not attractive enough. She seems lovely inside & out... and Jack... well let’s be honest... he would have been punching outside of his weight. Lucky escape Verity!" Another person added: "Aw man I was really hoping that Jack and Verity were going to make it."

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Meanwhile, viewers were surprised when Jonathan served Steph annulment papers as a Christmas presents with a note saying that he wanted to "go... ahead in friendship". One person tweeted: "You can tell Steph was looking forward to rejecting Jonathan, but he beat her to the punch." Another person wrote: "I get Steph doesn’t think they’re well matched but does she actually need to sigh with despair because Jonathan is giving her gifts? No wonder she’s only attracted [expletive] before! Oh’s divorce papers."

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