First Dates fans SHOCKED after hopeful reveals friends catfished her by pretending to be fake boyfriend 

Fans were quick to support Maria

Emmy Griffiths

Fans of First Dates took to Twitter in an outrage on Tuesday night after one of the contestants, Maria, admitted that she was once catfished by a group of her friends who made her believe she had been chatting to a boy named Will. Speaking to her date about the hurtful situation, she explained: "I went out for my brother's birthday and the next day I got a text from Will, and I said, 'Who's this?' and he said, 'Oh it's Will, you met me at your brother's 21st last night,' so I was texting this Will and told my pals like, 'Will's coming tonight,' and they said, 'Oh really?' and I said, 'Yeah, I'm really excited to meet him,' and they said, 'Yeah we know... because we're Will.'"


Maria was in tears telling the story

Tearing up, she continued: "So they were texting me. I don't really understand how you can manipulate and make someone feel so small. I cried all the way home... I haven't got emotional about it for so long... They knew I wanted a boyfriend, they knew all of my weaknesses." She confirmed that she was no longer friends with the group who had done it, and fans were quick to support her. One person wrote: "What an absolute bunch of horror bags to do that to Maria! People can be beyond cruel." Another added: "What?! She got catfished by her friends that's horrific! People can be so horrible."

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