Fans embarrassed for First Dates hopeful after his card is declined – twice!

Oh dear Calum!

Emmy Griffiths

First Dates fans were cringing at Tuesday night's episode when a hopeful singleton awkwardly had his credit card declined twice. Calum, a flower seller, had been joking with his date Lucy about how he went to a private school and that his father was able to retire at aged 50, and so viewers were left surprised (and amused) when his card wasn't accepted. Although he transferred some money from another account onto the card, it was declined for a second time – and he had to ask the waitress to wait for a few minutes for the transaction to clear.


Lucy found the situation amusing

However, the slight mishap certainly didn't phase Lucy, who agreed to go on a second date with Calum. The show added that his card wasn't declined on their second meet-up. Viewers were quick to take to Twitter to discuss the awkward situation, with one person writing: "Callum's Card getting declined after being so braggadocios, the worst." Another person wrote: "Imagine being on a first date and your card keeps declining." A third person added: "His card was declined. My toes are curling. He's all fur coat and no knickers."

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The show took an emotional turn with Sally, who was paired up with a construction worker, Andy. During the episode, Sally revealed that she had lost her husband back in 2004 after he was killed in the devastating Boxing Day tsunami in Thailand, and opened up about the tragedy, explaining: "Boxing Day came and we got up like we had every other morning. Jonathan went in the shower and I was laying on the bed and then I heard what I thought was thunder. I got up, walked to the window and all I saw was this black wall moving towards me. I screamed and everything went black. I was knocked unconscious and when I came around I was in the water and all this water was rushing over me and I thought, 'Oh my god. What’s going on?'" She continued: "Jonathan was everything to me, we just fell in love instantly. He was just so good at making me feel good about myself."

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