Who is in the cast of Years and Years?

Are you looking forward to episode three on Tuesday night?

Emmy Griffiths

Viewers have been hooked on Years and Years since in premiered in May. The show, written by former Doctor Who showrunner Russell T. Davies, follows an average family living in the UK who are slowly turn apart by the events taking place in the country. But who stars in the dystopian drama? Check out the stars of the show here…

Emma Thompson – Vivienne Rook

An outspoken politician, Vivienne isn't afraid to speak her mind on the issues – no matter what people think of her. As the years pass and issues affecting the country get more and more extreme, Vivienne begins to rise to power – but at what cost? Speaking about her role to Bradford Zone, Emma said: "It's so chilling, the inexorability in how Vivienne's vision becomes a reality and the fact that in the beginning many members of the Lyons family think she's great. They think that somehow there's decency and humanity there, when actually it's a will to power and someone who clearly has no moral fibre whatsoever." Emma is an Oscar-winning actress, and is best known for her roles in Sense and Sensibility and Love Actually.


Russell Tovey

Russell is best known for his roles in Being Human and Looking. The star plays Daniel Lyons. a housing office who falls in love with an asylum seeker, Viktor, breaking up his own marriage. Speaking about his relationship with Viktor in the show, he said: "He seems a bit mischievous but cute and he needs to be saved. What he's been through and where he's come from has been rough - I think Daniel suddenly feels like he wants to protect him."


Ruth Madeley

Ruth is best known for her roles in Cold Feet and Five by Five and plays Rosie, the younger sister of the family who originally supports Vivienne's political campaign. Speaking about her role, she told Radio Times: "Rosie is the youngest of the siblings and she is very ballsy. Very independent, very feisty. I adore her! She was a dream to play."


Jessica Hynes

Spaced star and two-time BAFTA winner Jessica plays Edith, a member of the Lyons family who is largely absent for the first two episodes thanks to her job. She is passionate about world events, and is famous for travelling around the world while working for various causes. Her character is described as "radical, dangerous and calculating".


Rory Kinnear

Fans of Black Mirror might recognise Rory from the first ever episode, The National Anthem. In Years and Years, Rory plays Stephen, a laid back and comfortable family man married to Celeste whose life is gradually thrown into chaos by the events in the show. Speaking about the progression throughout the series, Rory said: "The way that Stephen behaves, the way he reacts to pressure, loss and a change in his circumstances reveals both a lot about him and about how people can make the wrong choices in times of pressures."

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T'Nia Miller

T'Nia, who is best known for her roles in Marcella and Witless plays Celeste, a hardworking and passionate woman who is trying to connect to her tech-obsessed youngster daughter. Speaking to Radio Times about her character, T'Nia said: "She's a real ball-buster. You can expect a couple of one-liners from her. But she's someone who is loyal and is a real driving force for her family."

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