Fans aren't happy with Joe's treatment of Lucie in Love Island

Joe revealed that he didn't like Lucie's friendship with Tommy

Emmy Griffiths

Fans of Love Island took to social media in droves to complain about Joe's attitude towards his budding relationship with Lucie on Sunday night's show. In the episode, the couple had a fall out after Joe told Lucie that he was unhappy that she was good friends with Tommy, and suggested that she try hanging out more with the other girls in the villa.


Joe spoke about his problem with Lucie's friendship

Fans weren't pleased by Joe's behaviour, as one person wrote: "Everyone needs to leave Lucie alone. She's done nothing wrong. Joe's the one that needs to fix up!!!!! So backwards and possessive. Lucie doesn't need it." Another person added: "Joe trying to force Lucie to befriend girls is actually psychopathic and these people are actually bullying her." Viewers also complained about Amy's reaction when Joe chose to recouple with Lucie in the last few minutes of the show, as the 26-year-old looked visibly annoyed.

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Lucie has also had a fall out with Amy

One person tweeted: "[Amy's] trying to act like she's saying stuff because she doesn't want Lucie to be left out. She's clearly threatened by her & doesn't want her to be happy." Another person added: "Let us discuss. Below you will see 1. Amber when Danny was talking about her friend Yewande and 2. Here we will see Amy's face when Joe picked her 'friend' Lucie. I wonder why she doesn't feel like talking to you Amy. Genuinely escapes me hun." Last year's winner, Dani Dyer, was among those to offer here support for Lucie, writing: "Just wanna give Lucie a cuddle they need to chill out leave the girl alone." Former Islander Amber Davies added: "Joe can you please just like Lucie for LUCIE and not who you want her to be. Thank you."

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